Monday, March 21, 2011

#21 Clean and organize the spare bedroom

This was a major work in progress.  The spare bedroom started as our catch-all room.  Then when we got pregnant it had to be turned into a nursery.   These picture were taken November 2009.  You can see that a bunch of our wedding gifts were stored in this room.  Along with our cooler, and our extra paper supplies.

It still wasn't completely done in June when Baby Rebel was born.  Luckily he was sleeping in our room, so it wasn't a major concern.  

I have no idea how long I spent working on his room.  Like I said, it was a work in progress for a long time. 

Baby Rebel moved into his own room when he was 4 months old.  I can happily report that at that time his nursery was complete.

The big reveal!!

Note- His room still houses our books.  There are 4 while shelves which you can see to the left in the first picture.  Which is why there are still some books on that shelf that runs along the wall.  There just isn't another place to put them in our apartment.  And yes, Baby Rebel does have his own shelf!!  :)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

#88- Read 5 nonfiction books

 Belly Laughs: The Naked Truth About Pregnancy and Childbirth  

Belly Laughs: The Naked Truth About Pregnancy and Childbirth

This was my 3rd non-fiction choice.  I finished this one back in February of last year.  I was about halfway through my pregnancy, so I was able to really appreciate the humor in what she was saying. 

From almost the first page I was constantly laughing. While most of what Jenny shared didn't come as new info or a surprise, it was nice to get an honest take on all the different aspects of pregnancy.

I felt this was the girl's version of My Boys Can Swim, a book I bought for my husband about pregnancy. A light take on the ugly truth that can be pregnancy.

#43- Learn sign language, beyond just the alphabet

This one is a work in progress. 

I posted on my regular blog back in December about starting sign language with Baby Rebel.  Watching that DVD has taught me signs beyond just the alphabet.  While there is no way I could carry a regular conversation in sign language, I'm happy just to be expanding my vocabulary.

This is the DVD that we're using to teach him signs.  Oh, and he's started signing back "milk".  So happy!

#23- Get rid of or fix small freezer

I'm pretty sure this one got done a year ago February.  My grandma, mom and sister came over with my grandparent's truck to bring me a china cabinet.  My grandparents have a junkyard just down the road from their house, so I asked my grandma if she thought Jim, the owner, would be willing to take the freezer. 

So, we loaded it up and my grandma took it away.  Whew, glad to have that gone.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Getting my butt in gear!!

So I've majorly been slacking on this and I don't want to give up.  Some of the things on the list I've managed to complete.  So I'll be doing a whole bunch of updates, and I'll try to include some pictures.  I've got just over a year left.  While I know I won't finish everything, I'm going to do my best to get done what I can. 

I may do a bit of revising of the list.  Some circumstances have changed and I have to be realistic about what is feasible to get done in the next year. 

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

#40 Take an "Us" picture every month

Fail! I fail at taking an "Us" picture. The last picture I have of the 2 of us is back from October.

I'll try to pick it up, but unfortunately I won't make any promises.

#35 Spend a day doing whatever H wants

Last week H had some time off from his part-time job, so I decided to indulge him a bit and let him decide what we did for a day.

First, he decided to see a movie. So we went to see The Blind Side. We went early enough to get the matinee price, which also meant the theater was pretty empty. Our fellow viewers were of the much, much older persuasion! The funny part was waiting for them to walk down the steps once the movie was over. Talk about slow! LOL!

Second, he decided to go bowling with a friend, S. Spectrum Lanes had a deal where each game was $1/person, plus shoes were $1 each. There were a lot of people there, so it's a pretty popular deal. We ended up bowling 3 games. The first game I got a 10th frame turkey! I was so stoked, I had to print the game. Yeah, I'm a dork like that. S and H each ended up winning a game as well. We usually all bowl about the same, so the games are more fun and can get kinda competitive. Especially, when L is in town!

It was a pretty nice day, and I hope that H enjoyed choosing what we did.