Sunday, June 21, 2009

#46 Learn to Tie a necktie for H

Got my first lesson today. H and I had a wedding to go to and his tie was all messed up. It had been tied by the professional at Men's Wearhouse when we bought it and just kept tightening and loosening it when he needed to wear it. Of course he managed to screw it up today ;) and had to be redone. Perfect! Something else from my 101 list!

So I pulled out the laptop and looked up on Yahoo! how to tie a tie. We went with this site and opted to go with the Windsor knot since the site says that is one of the easiest to learn. After watching the video and using the step by step instructions I managed to tie H's tie decent enough to leave for the wedding.

I'm going to consider this step "In Progress" as I want to work on the Windsor knot some more, and perhaps try a few others. Plus I think I may want to learn to tie the knot while the tie is on H, instead of around my own neck. I know that's how my grandma does it for my grandpa. :)

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