Sunday, August 23, 2009

#87 Start an online journal/diary

I added this to my list because I want to get back to writing a journal. All through school I had a diary. I wrote about my crushes, problems with my father, anger and depression about death, and everything else my heart desired. I pretty much stopped when I started dating Tim. Plus he found and read it, so I thought online would be a better idea than paper.

Livejournal is where I chose to set up shop. You can choose your privacy settings from private to public like this blog. I chose private, and even made my password something that Tim doesn't know. Plus I didn't have my computer save my password and I didn't write it down in our password book, so there will be no snooping for the Mister!

So while I already have 2 blogs, this journal is just my way of being able to express myself always without fear of offending anyone or being judged for my thoughts.

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